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Owl's Pillow Book

Owl's Experiences and Thoughts and Dreams

Jade Murasaki
23 April
I love Witches! I love Dragons! So what could be better than this cute little dragon witch doll? Thanks for making it into a blinkie for me wildrosedragon !

Cute Little Dragon Witch Doll blinkie made by  by LJ user WildRoseDragon at LJ Potof_Gold

I wish I had a real dragon...and a green one, because that is my favorite color. I found this doll at a doll share community and the maker's name is M.Zehner. The talented nienna_weeper turned the doll into an amazing blinkie for me and so now I'm posting it on my profile. I would love to wear the retro-aviatrix outfit and be able to fly a dragon...but then again...who wouldn't?

Dragon Aviatrix Doll made by Packaged Bliss Blinkie made by LJ user Nienna_Weeper at LJ Pin_up_Designs

My doll blinkie situation is reaching critical mass, but I can't stop adopting ones that either have green clothes on, are seasonal in nature, are in Asian style fashion, faery, fantasy, etc. etc. I'm seriously thinking of just starting a post based on themed doll-blinkies that is future-dated so people can see them on my LJ and not just on my profile. For now though, I'm going to put them here still and continue doing it by theme! These doll blinkies were made by many talented ladies over at the various blinkie and graphics communities I belong to at LJ, too many to list...but they have all been given hover credit, so please feel free to "hover" over any doll blinkies that you like if you are interested in finding out whre someday you might fight them offering something similar in the future! Thanks so much to every one of you gals for the time, effort and creativity you took into making these for me!

Dolls that represent me and my various persona (pirate, witch, bookworm), etc.:

Bookworm Witch Doll Blinkie Owlie made by LJ user BBsweetnsexy at LJ Solaris_Designs Owlie as Pirate with Parrot Doll Blinkie made by LJ user med_kitty at LJ Sassy_Graphxs Owlie in Summer Kimono aka Yukata at Summer Festival made for me at PixelBee.com Owlie online blinkie doll made for me by LJ Lotrangel17 at LJ Blinkie_Dreams Owlie biblioholic doll blinkie made for me by LJ Goodgal996 at LJ Solaris_Designs Owlie bookish librarian doll blinkie made for me by LJ Phyncke at LJ Potof_Gold Owlie Writer doll blinkie made for me by LJ Lotrangel17 at LJ Blinkie_Dreams Owlie sexy work outfit doll blinkie made for me by LJ Goodgal996 at LJ Sassy_Graphxs Owlie Movie Night Addict doll blinkie made for me by LJ Lotrangel17 at LJ Blinkie_Dreams

Sexy Zaftig Owlie doll blinkie made for me by LJ Phyncke at LJ Juicy_Grapes Owlie Coffee Fairy doll blinkie made for me by LJ Laurahonest at LJ EnchantedRealms Owlie as close to RL in glasses as you"ll see in a doll blinkie made for me by LJ Phyncke at LJ Faded_Graphics Owlie is an American Girl aka Tom Petty song and for Independence Day doll blinkie made for me by LJ Phyncke at LJ Juicy_Grapes Owlie as Chinese Jade photo realistic style doll blinkie made for me by LJ SyandStix

Asian Fae Custom Banner made by LJ Fairewench as Giftie

This Sugoi (Japanese for "great" and/or "cool") Asian Fairy Banner was custom made for me by catwench as a giftie! Thanks so much Wenchy Roboto-San! I love it, especially the cool moon in the background really makes it!

Friends Dolls Sisters in Spirit Pirate Owlie and Wenchy made by LJ Hisescape at LJ Solaris_Designs.  PLEASE DO NOT STEAL!!!

I requested these "Sisters In Spirit" friends dolls at solaris_designs a few months ago and sent one to catwench who is a "Sister In Spirit" to me in many ways! Anyway, it was made for me by the talented hisescape for us using dolls I chose from The Doll Palace dot com, for which I have a paid account for and thus no watermark for them was needed to use when making a blinkie with them. Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirate's Life for ME and Wenchy-Sistah-Roboto-san (and Modi-bird who does not look like that parrot, but I had to have my Pirate Parrot in there too!)!!!

Daum Dragon Princess Doll by LJ WildRoseDragon at LJ potof_gold communityDaum Dragon Prince Doll by LJ WildRoseDragon at LJ potof_gold community

These Daum Dragon Prince and Princess Doll Blinkies we made for me by wildrosedragon at potof_gold graphics community. She re-colored the hair of the blinkies especially for me to match my husband's and my hair colors and I really appreciate all the extra work she did as that was a gift from her and not part of the initial request options. Thanks so much WildRoseDragon!

Grapey Centauress Doll Blinkiemade by LJ SyandStix at LJ juicy_grapes community

This is truly one of the most amazing fantasy dolls I've ever seen and I love that my LJ friend, Syana mistress_sy, offered it as a blinkie request at "juicy_grapes ! Thanks Syana!

Sayclub Green Kimono Doll blinkie made by LJ user Lotrangel17 at LJ community EnchantedRealms Daum Pink Kimono Doll blinkie made by LJ user Lotrangel17 at LJ community EnchantedRealms Sayclub Green Geisha Parasol Doll blinkie made by LJ user Lotrangel17 at LJ community EnchantedRealms Pink Kimono Long Hair Doll blinkie made by LJ user ElfLover59 at LJ community Faded_Graphics Red Head Yello Kimono Kid"s Day aka Kodomo no Hi Doll blinkie made by LJ Laurahonest at LJ community Wickpixgraphics

Chinese Robed kara-ginu in Japanese Doll blinkie made by LJ user ElfLover59 at LJ community Faded_Graphics Yellow Kimono Lantern Japanese Doll blinkie made by LJ user Lotrangel17 at LJ community Solaris_Designs Chinese QiPao dressed Doll Blinkie made by LJ Elflover59 at LJ community Faded_Graphics Sakura Blossom Japanese Doll Blinkie made by LJ Lotrangel17 at LJ community Solaris_Designs

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm an addict when it comes to anything from Kimono or Geisha or Japanese Textile Culture and History. Anyway, I'm collecting pixel dolls in Kimono and I was lucky that lotrangel17 offered these as blinkie requests at the enchantedrealms and solaris_designs graphics communities. Thanks so much LOTR Angel17! There are other Asian cultural dressed blinkie dolls that are posted here that were offered by elflover59 and customized for me at faded_graphics Community. Thanks to you too ElfLover! Also, one doll blinkie was made for me by laurahonest at the wickpixgraphics Community. The one doll blinkie made by Laura is the redhead in yellow Kimono with the Fish banner to celebrate Kodomo no Hi or "Child's Day" holiday which is May 5th. This used to be a "Boy's Day" like the Hina Matsuri or "Girl's Day" in March, but now is for all children.

Fairy Banner made by LJ eternalxwhisper at the graphics community Solaris_Designs

I managed to turn one of my LJ friends, eternalxwhisper, also a maker at solaris_designs , onto Loreena McKennitt's lyrics and music by requesting this line from one of my favorite songs of her's "Mummer's Dance" when she offered this lovely fairy banner in various colors...the blue and the moon and well...the mention of the owls in the lyrics...well it was just meant to be!

Personalized LJ ID graphic made by LJ user Med_Kitty at LJ community Sassy_Graphxs

This clever LJ ID banner was was customized for me by med_kitty at the pandorahs_box graphics community. Thanks so much Med_Kitty!

Custom framed graphic photo of Eric made for me by LJ user x_gemini_brat_x at LJ community Sassy_Graphxs

When I saw this freebie offered over at pandorahs_box I just had to request it as I love dragons (really Owlie? Is that a fact? :P ) and so does my husband. I had the perfect picture of Eric from our 10 year vow renewal ceremony in 2004. Thanks so much x_gemini_brat_x (she no longer has a journal here) for taking the time to make this great graphic using that piccie of my darling husband! I showed it to him and he loves it as well!

Animated Rainbow Pentagram FOB made by LJ user unique_thesame from the LJ community Sassy_Graphxs

The lovely and mystical pentagram FOB banner was made by unique_thesame a maker for the pandorahs_box LJ graphics community!

As of end of October 2005 this has become my (most of my internet friends know me as Owlie or Owl) primary LJ. It has become "Friends Only" due to some security issues a friend of mine experienced and which, I don't have the time or the patience to deal with right now.

Bright Blessings! Yes, I'm Pagan/Wiccan, but I'm also a student of comparative relgions and of the belief that your spiritual beliefs are your own. Partially because I can't believe in a God(s)/Diety/etc. who would make judgements on anyone who just worshipped differently then someone else. As long as you personally do not try to bring others into your religion (as in proselytizing) or do things I think are unethical or cruel (whether your religion approves of the behavior or not) what your spiritual beliefs are and the way you live them is OK with me. If you wish to be added as a friend to my LJ, then please comment to be added, just don't add me automatically without letting me know you intend to do so (unless I have invited you to go ahead and add yourself in a comment to you personally). I'll come check out your journal if you add me and if I want to be added on your friends list I'll comment there too before I do so!

Hikitsu is I Wanted to be a Pirate Love

Visitor Map
Create your own visitor map!

The above map is all due to me seeing it on my friend raven_goth 's page. It let me choose green stars as a marker for my visitors. Yeah, I'm a geek. I love green and I love stars...so sue me :P I DO like to know if people all over the country come here though to visit my...Imperial Dragon Queen aka Bandit Queen Geekdom...

The WeatherPixie

Yuuko is love.
Yuko is love.

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

I was born on April 23rd and that means I am a Taurus in Western Astrology. Taurus is considered to be of the Earth element.

Sayclub Taurus Doll Personalized for me by LJ user Goodgal996 at the Solaris_Designs LJ community

This great Taurus Zodiac Blinkie Doll was made for me goodgal996 at the solaris_designs graphics community. Thanks so much GoodGal996!

Taurus Colorbar made by LJ cinderbella84 at the graphics community Sassy_Graphxs

In Asian (often referred to as Chinese astrology as they were the one who invented this type of astrological system) Astrology I was born in a Dragon Year.

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Asian astrology is set by the LUNAR calender and your main sign is based on a 12 sign cycle that begins and ends with the Lunar New Year every year. The first sign in Asian Zodiac cycle is the Rat (2008 is a Rat, sometimes called a Mouse Year)and the last sign is the Boar or Pig . The Dragon is the fifth sign in the cycle. I'm a Dragon.

Hello Kitty Dragon Chinese Zodiac blinkie made by LJ user syandstix at LJ community Solaris_Designs

This Hello Kitty Dragon Chinese Zodiac blinkie was made for me by mistress_sy at the solaris_designs graphics community. Thanks so much Syana! As always you ROCK!

My husband, Eric, is a Rabbit, which is the fourth sign of the Asian Zodiac. Although he and I were born in the same Solar Year, since he was born in January (he is a Capricorn which is also an Earth sign), before that year's Lunar New Year, he is of a different Asian Zodiac Sign then I am.

Juunishi is Multiple Love
Made by: wonderland__

The elemental cycle of the Asian Zodiac is based on five elements (not four as in Western Astrology) which are as follows: wood there is no approximate Western Astrological Element for this), water, fire, earth and metal (approximately similar to the Western Air Element.

I am a Wood Dragon, due to the lunar year I was born. My husband, again, although born in the same Western Solar year is a Water Rabbit.

Yuuko-sama is smirky love.

To get more deeply into both Western and Asian Astrology you need to look into other factors to get a truly accurate reading of your personality.

In Western Astrology this includes knowing the time and place you were born so that you can find your Ascendant and properly cast a horoscope chart. This will also enable you to find out where your Moon and other "planets" are and also what "house" they sat in during the time of your birth (the wheel chart is based on 12 houses to match the 12 signs of the Western Zodiac).

Asian Astrology is much more difficult for someone who is not mathematically inclined to do their own natal chart. If you have some training in Feng Shui and the compass tool they use you will probably be able to at least do the basic math, if not, go to a site or an individual that will calculate this for you. The site or the Asian Astrologer will need to know the time, date and place you were born. On top of that they must know not only the animal signs for the year, month, day and HOUR you were born but the elements of each of those signs (which go in a cycle just like the elements for the year signs do) on the month, day, and hour you were born.

I like Chinese Astrology Online for the easiest (and best) online FREE calculation of your Chinese astrological information, although I've linked the Astrology.com sites for simplicity above, if you are interested in finding out the Chinese Month, Day, and Hour signs for when you were born as well as the elements they are in, this is the site to do it automatically for you.

I truly am a Taurean Wood Dragon (I won't go into all my other astrological placements). I found that the combination of Western and Asian astrology were the most accurate readings of my temperament and personality as a whole. There is one astrologer, named Suzanne White, who combines both of these types of Astrology in a book ("The New Astrology" was the best and most complete one she did and it is worth the price of getting it used in HC because the book is so thick that the binding on the paperback version, if you use the book regularly will fall apart) to get you a basic "combined" reading, but of course you should have a chart done and interpreted professionally and then combine the info yourself to get the most detailed and accurate reading.

Nuriko is Nuriko.

Here is my newest doll blinkie that happens to be a older witch in pretty darn close to Ravenclaw colors, so I've decided, since she has an Owl on her shoulder that this is my alter-ego Hogwarts me in about 25 years (or longer if I live as long as Dumbledore did!), as a teacher of History of Magic or something along that line (and I would make that class interesting, I PROMISE!!!).

Elder Witch with Owl and Books Doll blinkie made by  by LJ user Darklingfae at LJ Faded_Graphics

Here are some related Harry Potter fandom related graphics and memes, etc.:

Wood type: holly
Length: 11 inches
Core: Gryffon Feather

get your own wand!

Holly is the strongest of the protective woods. It is used to guard against evil in fact Holly means "holy". Holly wands excel at combat, defense, and protection spells. It is also useful in glamour's and warding. This wand tends to pick an owner who's brave and pure of heart, not to mention has a high intelligence.
Holly's personality is Determined.
Element: Fire

Gryphon's Feather:
The gryphon originated in Greece, having the head and front legs of an eagle, but the hind quarters of a lion. Gryphon feathers are used in wands of wizards or witches who posses great strength whether physically, magically or emotionally. These wands are especially good for both offensive and defensive magic.

Ravenclaw Taurus

In some ways, this seems almost a contradiction. A head-in-the-clouds, theoretically-oriented Ravenclaw, born under the pragmatic, materialistic sign of Taurus? However, a surprising number of philosophers (including Socrates) have been Taureans. The intellectual Taurus is gifted not only with prodigious mental capacity, but also the sensible logic, determination, and assurance to see a theorem through from start to finish. Ravenclaws born under this sign make excellent magical researchers and are gifted with the unusual capacity to write sensibly and fluently about their results and interpretations of experiments. Because Taurus is a patient sign, and good at communication, many Ravenclaw Taureans eventually end up teaching at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Sorting Hat: Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Typing

You are a RAVENCLAW!As a Ravenclaw and as an NTJ, you are intellectual, independent, and value excellence in yourself and others. You are naturally curious, and can usually see many sides to the same argument or issue. You are driven to acquire knowledge and set very high standards for yourself and others. You excel at and enjoy strategizing, planning, and focusing on the big picture. You enjoy being challenged, and can accept constructive criticism without taking it personally. You are excellent at organizing yourself and others.
Take this quiz!

by: CraziiMonkii
Made by craziimonkii at _graphiclove

The Film "Memoirs of a Geisha" is Love

Other LJ layout communities that I belong to that I have used layouts from or may use layouts from in the future are:

Here are some other LJ Icon and other graphic communities I visit and adopt from on a regular basis:

Juicy Grapes LJ Community Banner Link

Juicy Grapes Member Doll Graphic Made by JG Maker LJ Whispering Angel

Enchanted Realms LJ Community Banner Faded Graphics LJ Community Banner Whisperin Icons LJ Community Banner Polaris Graphics LJ Community Banner

Pot of Gold  LJ Graphics Community Banner Pin Up Designs LJ Graphics Community Banner Wicked Pixie Graphics LJ Community Banner Made By Lj laurahonest

Sassy Graphxs Community Link Button made by LJ user sunshine_sparx at LJ community Sassy_Graphxs

Ten no Ryu is Love.

The very_cute graphics community (mostly Sayclub and other similar shares) is a great share community! If you are interested in finding out whether you want to be a member or not, click on the banner below!

Very_Cute LJ Community Banner Link

More great pixel LJ communities I belong to:

Pixel Peach LJ Community Banner Link

Pixels Like Woah LJ Community Banner Link

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